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Sunshine Sugar - Brown Sugar - Industrial / Manufacturing

Sunshine Sugar - Brown Sugar - Industrial / Manufacturing

Sunshine Sugar provides "Industrial Brown Sugar" in bulk packaging to the industry. This Brown Sugar is a product of the milling process and are used primarily in the confectionery, baking and canning industries. Packaging is usually 1 X 1000 KG bags and 40 X 25 KG Bags (Stacked on a Pallet)

Industrial Brown Sugar is a term that is used to describe brown sugar that is being retailed in bulk for the national and international markets. This Industrial Brown Sugar are primarily used in the manufacturing industry. The Industrial Brown Sugar category includes sweeteners that service food and confectionery manufacturers, the catering and baking industry, as well as the pharmaceutical and beverage industries.
Brown Sugar offers a wide range of sweetening solutions to the industrial user. A rapid growing economy and expanding marketplace has created an increased demand for specialised Industrial Brown Sugar products manufactured by Sunshine Sugar.

Industrial Brown Sugar is coated with molasses to give the desired dark colour in the final product. It offers a distinctive taste and colour and can be found in the following

  • Confectionery (toffees, fudges, caramels);
  • Baking (fruit cakes, gingerbread, muffins, cakes, mince pies);
  • Brewing (sorghum beer).

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