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Sunshine Sugar provides "Industrial Brown Sugar" in bulk packaging to the industry. This Brown Sugar is a product of the milling process and is used primarily in the confectionery, baking, and canning industries. Packaging is usually 1 X 1000 KG bags and 40 X 25 KG Bags (Stacked on a Pallet)

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What is Brown Sugar

Sugar beet and sugar cane are used to produce white granulated sugar and molasses of sugar cane are used to produce brown sugar. Molasses, which give brown sugar its unmistakable color, flavor, and moisture, come from sugar cane, not sugar beet.

Brown sugar is produced by adding sugar cane molasses to refined white sugar crystals to control the ratio of molasses to sugar crystals and to reduce production costs. Brown sugar prepared this way is coarse because it is the unrefined equivalent of brown sugar and molasses are separated from the refined sugar crystals and washed to reveal the white sugar crystal underneath. On the other hand, unrefined brown sugar without washing reveals only the underlying crystal, which is white due to the inclusion of molasses.

During the production process, the manufacturers separate the sugar crystals into molasses, a thick, dark brown syrup found both in sugar beet and sugar cane. Sugar cane molasses have a sweeter taste, but sugar beet molasses are not sweeter, and manufacturers use them for animal feed and other industries.

The amount of molasses determines the color, taste, and moisture content of the sugar. It can be distinguished by lighter brown tones and less molasses in darker brown tones.

Its color, caramel-like aroma, and moist texture are obtained from molasses. Brown sugar is a refined version of ordinary granulated white sugar, but molasses are present in color and flavor. Light brown sugar contains more molasses (3 1 / 2) than dark brown (6 1 / 2), which explains the difference in color and taste.

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