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Brown Sugar


Brown Sugar, pre-packed in various pack sizes, for domestic, African, and international markets. It is sold to retail chains through a network of distribution outlets. It is marketed under the Sunshine Sugar Label, as well as packed using the customer's own branding.

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Our Golden Brown Sugar

Our Golden Brown Sugar with its mild molasses flavor, natural brown color, moistness, and aromatic flavor, is the ideal ingredient for baking and more. When your recipe calls for Light Brown Sugar, Sunshine Sugar is the perfect ingredient, that gives food and drinks a hint of spiciness.

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Brown Sugar

Related Products

Sunshine Sugar provides "Industrial Brown Sugar" in bulk packaging to the industry. This Brown Sugar is a product of the milling process and is used primarily in the confectionery, baking, and canning industries. Packaging is usually 1 X 1000 KG bags and 40 X 25 KG Bags (Stacked on a Pallet)

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