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White Sugar - Icing / Castor Sugar

White Sugar

Icing / Castor Sugar

White sugar is available in various crystal sizes, granulate sugar, caster sugar, and ice sugar. In powdered sugar, ground granulated sugar is mixed with a small amount of corn starch to prevent clumping.

Unlike normal table sugar, castor sugar comes in both refined and unrefined consistency, so it lies somewhere between table sugar and sweet sugar. The golden variety is the finest crystal sugar and dissolves when incorporated

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Castor Sugar

Caster (or castor sugar) is a type of fine granulated sugar. It is also referred to as castor sugar, baking sugar, ultrafine sugar, superfine sugar, ground refined sugar product, granules smaller (0.014 inches wide x 0.35 mm) than normal granulated sugar or granules larger than powdered sugar. Castor sugar is very fine and dissolves very easily.

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White Sugar - Icing

White Sugar

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Sunshine Sugar provides "Industrial Brown Sugar" in bulk packaging to the industry. This Brown Sugar is a product of the milling process and is used primarily in the confectionery, baking, and canning industries. Packaging is usually 1 X 1000 KG bags and 40 X 25 KG Bags (Stacked on a Pallet)

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